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Specially selected wood surrender drying processes and pressure impregnation to protect the pool against climatic influences and provide it with long-term security and attractive appearance. Our pools are manufactured in a well-equipped technology park with the use of modern equipment and taking into account the appropriate safety standards for this type of products.


1. The material we use is entirely based on carefully selected, high-quality raw material sourced from properly managed and sustainable forests of Scandinavian and Baltic countries.

2. A carefully selected state-of-the-art machine park ensures high-quality woodworking, so that each and every product meets European standards both for precision and aesthetics. Our constant development and the policy of adopting new technologies makes it possible to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

3. The timber which satisfies both technical and aesthetic requirements is treated in computer-controlled drying chambers and then manufactured in an appropriate production process, along with our know-how.


 Well-trained and experienced staff ensure that all manufacturing processes are performed in a correct and safe manner, and monitor if the finished products are of the highest quality.

5. Depending on the needs of our customers, we offer our own products, execute customers’ ideas, or design entirely new models adjusted to the requirements of a given market.

6. All our products are pressure-impregnated in modern autoclaves to protect them from harmful atmospheric effects.

7. Carefully prepared packaging, as well as close cooperation with shipping companies make it possible to carry out logistics and forwarding efficiently all over Europe.




Why wood?

Wood is a material that retains heat more water. By installing a swimming pool made of wood, you leave your garden a natural enclave and fit in fashionable lately trends of ecology and care of the environment.

For the production we us  only the highest quality raw materials imported from the far north, from well-managed and certified forests. At the beginning the wood is subjected of a drying process.

Further processing takes place in a well-equipped technology park under the supervision of experts. At the end the wood components are subjected to pressure impregnation, which protects against harmful biological agents. Only the pool created by professionals meets all the expectations of buyers, because the structure has a high stability and is resistant to harmful weather condition.