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Experience has taught us that an exclusive product, which is a swimming pool must meet customer expectations in terms of both precision and excellent composition with the environment.

Wooden pool gives endless design possibilities. The structure can be painted or oiled in any colour. Swimming will always be matched to other elements of garden equipment. The dilemma between ground swimming pool and in-ground also goes into oblivion.

Swimming pool and wooden can be both. Swimming can be totally dig, half or save time and allow free-standing pool. Such a solution prefer especially families with children. Removable external stairs then.



Wooden Pools outclass "DIY" garden pools as well as unstable and unattractive rack pools, inflatable and anchors. Buying from us in the same price you receive a product not for one or two seasons but one that will serve for many years and properly used will not lose any of its charm. We invite you to get acquainted with the proposed garden pools and accessories. In the standard offer swimming pools in the shape of symmetrical octagons, extended and rectangular pools. We offer models in different sizes, are well liked by all customers.

By purchasing our pool, you can opt for version with or without equipment

The basic equipment includes:

-sand filter, pump adapted to the size of the pool,
- ladder made of stainless steel,
-skimmer- device which main purpose is to remove surface contamination,
-return inlet- depending on the pool model one or two inlets
-blue liner with profiles necessary for its assembly
-geotextile which separates the liner and the ground